Blossoms & Euphoria.......
Today I am Blessed....
Blessed to have Friends that are so thoughtful..
I went to my Mail Box & look what was there.....
Yes, I said Blossoms.. Not just any kind of Blossoms, but ORANGE Blossoms from my darling Friends tree, out of  her front yard..
 Can you believe something so sweet coming through the mail??? 
The Fragrance, I cannot put into words...
        These Blossoms landed smack on my Desk.
I am sure my work production will increase 2 fold.
Cherish the simple things...
(xox love ya Cin)


EASTER in the Spring Time!
Easter time is such a fabulous time of year...
It is time for New Beginnings..
Shed your skin, a Re-birth so to speak.
(do you see what is in those trees?)

I aways feel so celebratory,
that anything & everything is possible.
I feel this way, more so this time of year than when the clock strikes midnight on Time Square & the glittery ball drops as we declare it a New Year..

I love to see the earth how it renews itself from the frost & how it comes back to life without fail.
It is symbolic of the Lords Resurrection.. All things are beautiful & seem to be in perfect alignment...
It is also a time to celebrate our Joys! 
Also... Peter CottonTail !!!!
A time for CoLoRfuL Eggs.. Easter Egg-Hunts.. 
Baskets Galore
(the Pink Easter Basket is mine from Childhood. My Mother made it out of a Clorox Bottle. A true Treasure)


Celebrate with me in making ourselves better People, Parents, Friends, Siblings and Children of God...  
Celebrate Life !!


If you can DREAM it ......
you are half way there....

I have forever wanted to have my  own    "ArT" room....
It would be filled with Paint, wood-handled Brushes, Charcoals in every color, Canvas stretched on wood frames, Architect desk, Ribbon on rolls and Fabric galore....  Xanthi, my oldest, by 2-minutes is getting a new room in the (almost) finished basement. I therefore am taking over her room & making it into my Art Compound....
 Getting chills just thinking about it
As always I will have my Pretties in their rightful container..
Think about creating your own slice of Heaven
here on Earth..


What is that hanging on your Wall??
This is in honor of my sweet hearts never ending desire to hang Dead-ish animals in our home..
In the 20 years we have been married he has threatened on many occasion's to surprise me with a Elk, Moose, Bear or Deer hanging over our bed..  
My answer has always been the same, "maybe with your next wife", OR "you can put one in the garage", but never in the house"..
But low & behold, look what I have found....
Have I missed an entire Element of design???
Naaaaa, I think not....  


        HAPPY Saint PATRICK'S
                        Day !!
Yahoo for GREEN pancakes & milk.....


What is under your Sink??
If you are anything like me.. You find yourself rushing out the door, just don't have time to put away the blow dryer, curling iron or deodorant, Soooo you toss it under the Sink.. My Mother always told me "never leave your home a mess, because you never know when Jesus might come for a visit". So with that ingrained into my mind at a young age I wouldn't dare leave such necessities out on the cabinet..
To ease Moms little voice in my head I have come up with the perfect mathematical equation..

Stuff + Container = No Voices in my head screaming "is this the day Jesus comes for a visit"????    Get yourself a fun wood, plastic or eco friendly  container that can "catch" those odds and ends.

Make it your own!!
For me that took a coat of White Paint, then a coat of some funky
 Pink-ish color I had in my garage (big surprise)..
You know what comes next... SAND the day-lights out of it... 
  Waaaaaa Laaaaaaaaa !!!!!
Put it under your Sink & you can feel a little stylish as you run out the door with not a single voice lingering in your head.....  xox


Is 50 degrees Fahrenheit considered  warm?
Those of you whom have spoken to me or read my Blog in the last month, you
are well aware of my mini fascination or obsession with Spring, or the lack thereof.. Today was no different…
I heard the sweetest words come from the lips of the all knowing & seeing weather-man, that Friday was to reach 50 degrees.. I have been so excited all week. I have made my plan.. I decided I was going to catch some of those UV’s I have been desperate to feel for much too long. So I got the lounge chair with its soft yummy pillow-like cover out of storage & placed it on the deck awaiting my 30 minutes in the sun..

As my small window of time approached I gathered my book, sunglasses & off I went…
When I opened the door a Galeforce wind greeted me, (maybe not a galeforce), but wind none the less… I was NOT going to let that bone chilling wind spoil my plans, so I ran back up stairs to get on a pair of Jeans, Sweatshirt, grabbed a Blanket and off I went…
Yes, you read it right.. I was sitting on my deck with Jeans a thick Sweatshirt and blanket covering my entire body.. It totally crossed my mind at that moment in time, if anyone could see me from Space, could my neighbors see this specktacle before their eyes???? Although a little cold & breezy the sun did touch my Face & Finger-tips in the most wonderful way.
I must say, I have  not a SPRING in my step,  but a LEAP…



It may not be officially written on today's calendar, but I will tell you what.....
                                      It is SPRING in my Heart..

Today I just couldn't help myself, I had to go to my closet & put on a summer dress... Ohhhh, it felt so good.... The fabric... The soft Color...
I had forgotten I had knees.
I was able to wear my summer delight most of the day until I had to leave the house, & then I had to put on my jeans, hoodie & fur boots..I can't wait to do the same thing tomorrow..  xox