Family Project 101..
This year our "SPRING CLEANING" has gone from polishing baseboards with a toothbrush to the insane. We started work on the cold lonely basement.
We hired Noel & his amazing team who had the sheet rock up in 7 days.

After the "rock" my favorite part...
I thought Brent deserved a Man Cave with a hint of Family Theater room along side a Laundry, Art & Powder room. My initial inspiration came from a beautiful room I saw all in monocromatic SILVER patina. Heavy silver curtains & yummie-ness everywhere you look. 
Lots of helping hands on this venture. I never imagined how fast a room can be painted when I am not the only one with a paint brush..
~Brent starting at the top of Stairs~
~What do you think now~ ?
I had a crazy idea to Stain the Cement instead of tile. This process became a nightmare from the start. When you think about it, how hard can it be to stain 1000 sq feet of cement.. Easy right??? Not!! This process pushed our patience to the end. It seems so easy I didnt do much if any reserch on it. After we got into it, I started reading and watching tutorials & found out we were not alone, this simple idea was nothing short of putting your baby toe into
 H  - E  double -toothpicks..
Cement Before
and After

What do you think about the Chocolate baseboards?? I am going to paint the French doors the same color..
As many of you know I am in the search of my very own ART room.. What do you think about this???
I wanted this room for all my Paints, Brushes, Canvas's, Ribbons, Paper but little mini-teen daughter of mine is going to take it over. More updates to come on how & what I do to convert her room into my little slice of heaven..
The Man Cave is next..
Updates to come


There are many reasons Why.....

I LOVE being a GIRL


Trick-out your Pantry...
Whatever your Style, whatever your taste a Pantry is something that most of us have in common..
The pantry door at my home is Swung, Slammed & used as a Thinking Post thousands of times a day.
It is the 1st spot the kiddies hit when they come home from school. 
I stand in front of it in the wee hours of the morning when I cannot sleep, hoping that something "yummy" will peek my interest.. We won't even discuss Brents relationship with her.(ha ha)
Being that the Kitchen is sometimes refered to as the "Heart of the Home" why not make the Pantry Amazing.
I love the idea of placing Armories in the Kitchen & using them as a pantry for goodies or dishes.
Add one of your Grandmothers Antiques for a special intimate feel..
Add a swinging screen door in a fun color to kick it up a notch. 

What about a Sliding Pantry door??
Whatever the size of kitchen, you can make it Spectacular by adding Color, a piece of Furniture or a Swinging Screen Door.
The sky is the limit..


What does "TEEN" really mean?
Today comes with relief & gratitude for all my Blessings.
Thir-TEEN years ago today, God blessed me with 2 amazing little creatures.

Even as babies, one couldn't have something the other didn't. Zak just couldn't resist that bow.
          Little Snow Bunnies..
                                To beach bums...

On April 10, 1997, my beautiful baby GiRl Xanthi was the 1st to arrive..
She put the word "SPIT" in Fire... She is full of Life !!
She loves all living things, both Big...
and small.....
Xanthi is my little "fire cracker".. She is my little shadow when it comes to riding the Biggest & scariest RollerCoasters.. She is the first one to "double dare" me in a back-flip/front-flip contest on the trampoline. She is the first to accept any and all of my crazy ideas. Together we are most likely a bit of a nightmare for Brent & brother Zak.. I LOVE my Z-Bug more than she will ever know...
2-minutes after my screaming little girl made her Grand entrance into the world, the most Amazing little man arrived, Zakery KaJe...
He wasn't as loud as his counter-part.
 He brought with him the peace and quite
 from Heaven above.
He loves to use his hands, like his Dad..
and his Mind like his Mom..
....full of FuN ...
Loves his Papa!
Zak is such a good friend to his Mom.. He is wise beyond his years. You can always count on Zak to be the voice of reason. The "corrector" of bad grammar & the one you can always count on... Together Zak & I can out wit & cause much discomfort to Dad & sister with the tricks we have up our sleeves. We make a un-stop-able team.. I love my Zak all the Summer Rains.
Since the day my life changed forever & I became a Mother I have had a real fear of the word, the concept of "Teen", as in TeenAger..
I have stayed up many a nights, rocking both babies scared to death of the future, my future as a Mother of Twins.. 

Now that the day has arrived & I am now a Mother of Twin TEENAGERs I couldn't be more relieved & at Peace.. My babies are Teens, but they are the same Sweet, Kind, Loving individuals they have been all along..
I am so Honored to have been chosen to be the Mother, Teacher & Confidante of these amazing spirits..
Happy Birthday my darling TeenAgers !!!