Perfect time of year to update those favorite  "snuggle zones" in your home. This particular eye sore has a bad case of the UGLIES...

After re-doing the family room this white tile mess had to be attacked at full throttle.. We found some beautiful cultured ledge stone 

& we were in business in no time..
This has been one of the easiest project we have ever done.. Just mix cement or quickset & stack those lovely 1/2 sliced rocks.
 An easy weekend project that changes everything in a glance..
GIve the cement a day or so to dry, add colored mortar to finish the edges & you have transformed your snuggle zone from this....
2 this 
This is a great family project that even the kiddies can contribute to as long as you keep them feed & watered.. Have a beautiful Thanksgiving with your loved ones & take some time to "Snuggle".oxox



Change became a blessed event when I decided to go from Tuscan orange walls in my family room to Old Word classic antiquity. I know they are more or less the same, but what a difference it has made..

Here are the old sad orange walls.... Flat with zero luster...
I painted the walls a lightened green-ish color
Zak found a place to study out of neccessity so he didnt have to deal with the next step.....
 The dreaded GLAZE..
Anyone that has used Glaze knows it can be very unforgiving.. The outcome is beautiful but the in -between time is a little rough on the human nerves.. 
Painted the doors & trim a raisin brown & I immedietly fell in L O V E.
(picture does not show off it's yummie-ness)
wanted to trim around the built in with wide molding.
 Painted it the raisin brown to match the doors/floor trim..
Brent attached & wah-la!
  ...BACK IN TIME......
In the mist of all this we added book shelves on the side...

  WITHOUT the shelving
WITH the shelving
Big difference my friends.. It has become such a cozy, warm & inviting space in our home... I loved it so much I did the same technique down the hall, in the kitchen & front room.

Stay tuned to the hidious FirePlace
re-do.. oxo