ReGifting is the act of taking  a GIFT that has been received and giving it to somebody else, sometimes in the guise of a new gift.
Have you ever received a present that you don't particularly like?
                   Was it just the WRONG color?

               Did it look like a designer DEATH TRAP?
Maybe the style was not your own
                                    or just pure Confusion ?
If those questions have ever crossed your mind, you may have though those evil thoughts of "RE-GIFTING".
Re-gifting is one of the most delicate Etiquette topics around, re-gifting is occurring all around the world to pass on those UNWANTED, NOT LIKED, & UNNEEDED Gifts that can't be returned to the store.
I must admit, I have regifted in my day, new & unopened lovelies that I just wouldn't use.  I could totally see myself giving the same present back to the giver. Emily Post would be horrified & so would my Mother.
As I get older, & I hope wiser I am able to find ways to use those thoughtful gifts. Sometimes a LOT of Paint is required, or maybe transforming the original use of the unwanted  gift into something Magical & Special.
(above) In love with these old Metal buckets. I have several I use as Garbage cans in bedrooms.
(below) A great way to use glass jars after you eat (of course) the pickled Yummies from Nannas garden
Wrap a Ribbon around those "white elephant gifts" Hard Bound Book & make them timeless..
Keep the wooden boxes your Pies come in.
The uses are endless.
 If you are a REGIFTER or OPPOSED to such horrors,
 I say try to find a way to mesh them into your lifestyle & create some Magic..