What a nice set of BONES..
   ~ Family Home Evening Fun ~
Make yourself a display of Bones..
Thank you Martha 4 the charming idea.
~Love the idea of displaying in a Cloche~
2 cute, right?? I totally think so.. This project is so dang easy & the best part about it is, you get to use SPARKLES & Glitter..
What you will need:
Skull & Bones, Fingers & Toes
Glitter (your favorite colors)
News Paper
Paint Brush
Large shallow Bowl or Tray
Kiddies that want to get spark-a-tized
What 2 do next:
1. Working over newspaper, use a brush to apply glue on Skull & Bones.
2. Hold Skull/Bones over a large shallow bowl or tray.
3. Spoon ultra fine Glitter over glued surface, making certain the glitter falls into all the crevices and sockets.
4.  Place on a tray; let dry for at least an hour.
5. Tap or brush off any excess glitter. Repeat gluing & glittering process on uncoated surface of each piece until your desired look.

This little treat would look fabulous on a little end-table or as a Grand center piece in your dinning area..


It's that time to get those fun Fall/Halloween decorations out & enjoy in some fun with the kiddies.. I love decorating for Halloween almost as much as decorating for Christmas.. This year as I pulled bin after bin out of the attic, I realized I have a thing for Witches.. Here are some of my broom flying girls.
This witch-ie poo has a set of TWINS if you look close. She also has some pretty narly real looking teeth.. Oh ya, & look at her sporting my "mood ring" from the 80's..
Gotta love that Cute little Pumpkin Spider..

Witchie Poo's R taking over this year..
even a  Pumpkin BAT

"If the Broom Fits, Fly it"
Throw a few Pumpkins in the mix & we are counting down 2 Hallo's Eve.
 Here are a few pictures of Halloween Past....


Funk - A- Tized

I have had these POTS 4-ever.. I got them years ago when I was into pottery & such.. They are HUGE & HEAVY & cost me a pretty penny back in the day.. They have been kicking around with really no place 2 go.. I decided to splash a little paint their way...

Oh ya, they are growing on me now...
They are now sitting on my front porch, thought it was a great time with Halloween just around the corner... :)

Cheers !!!
Ohhh my Goodness, have I ever been on a Painting, Glazing "kick" this week..
It all started when Athena gave me a crazy recipe, Paint + Glaze + Flour = All Kinds of Fun.. I started off doing my cupboards in my Kitchen.. I am Done!! I LOVE the results!! Still searching for just the right "Pulls", once I find them I will share the finished Yummie-ness of the Kitchen..
My Story begins like this.. I was waiting for Brent to come & pull out all my appliances so I could finish with the Kitchen  Cupboard. I got a little impatient waiting for him, while having a cup of paint & a paint brush in hand I walked into the adjoining room and started applying paint to another piece of furniture.. Ohhhh Geeezzzz, that is all it took.. I was hooked once again !!
Picture below is the back, I started painting before I took the pic. The color is a ugly off white-ish yuk**

A few months ago I bought this Awesome Hall Tree piece that I am going to convert into a single VANITY of my very own. I have plans of adding a funky Sink & Mirror. So until I get to that project it has been resting in another room just waiting it's turn.. Well "it's" turn came a little sooner than I thought.. (still waiting 4 Brent) I added my Red Paint, Flour & Glaze mixture.
 then.... The Magic & my new Love...
Picture below shows...
UPPER section after Glaze is applied & worked in.
LOWER section shows what Glaze looks like before you work it into the furniture..
         ~  Add more Red for more Drama ~
                                         more Glaze
Taaaaaaa - Daaaaaaaa

~Don't you think this will look just Pur-ty in the cabin, on my very own side of the bathroom~


What do you COLLECT??

I have never been a "Collector" of any one thing, but more
"Eclectic" of a variety of Onsie Two-sies..
Growing up so many kids collected such things as Bugs, Magnets, Baseball cards, Pet rocks, Bottle caps. The closest think I ever came to collecting was Barbie Dolls & Elvis Presley Cards. Wish I still had those Elvis cards today, I would have already retired in style. :)

Whatever Rocks your world, why not share & show it in one of the most personal places you have complete control over, your home.

The older I become I want to put the things through out my home that I love, I want to see them daily & not just when I have guests over for dinner, or a Holiday Party.. I want to surround myself with their beauty, but HOW & WHERE do we put these Treasures we love so much without being on the reality show, Hoarders???
MY Weakness is Chandeliers....
                                 ~ Celebrate you Passions~
Here are some clever ideas to bring those Items out of the drawers and into the light where they belong...

       Pictures  ~ Art work ~  Frames

Anyone for Spoons ??

               Trip around the World ?
LADDERS if that is what Blows your Hair back..

Stair Treads can be pricey.. 
Last but certainly NOT least...
Peeez Baby