Vintage Library Catalog I HEART U !!!
The story began when I fell deeply in love with the most magical piece of furniture my two eye balls had ever beheld (online).  After that very moment, I knew I must create it for myself..
The Search was then on for a Antique Card Catalog! The search has been painful & disappointing at times. FINALLY I found one on the West coast, & low & behold it was only 30 miles from where I live. I was certain I would end up having one shipped from NYC or tim-buck-2...
 The day I found my lovely, I was over-joyed & so was my pocket book.. I paid only $250 dollars in American GreenBacks..
Here is my Beauty... What do you think of her?? Isn't she just Grand, her 72 drawers & all...
As I have delcared many times before, my husband is a Saint & is going straight to Heaven after being my partner in crime the last 24 years. When I told "B" I needed him to CUT this sought after Equisit-Antique-Card-Catologe in half he thought it was high time for the white- straight- jacket, tape-over-mouth & a therapist.. Lucky for me I am pretty good at talking my way out of sticky situations.. ;) He agreed to hear me out & my "CRAZY" plan then bagan..
FIRST I needed to take all the drawers out, all 72 of them, & dismantle the Yummie Patined hardware..
Did I mention there are 72 drawers & millions of tiny screws?? 

SECOND I painted each & every one of those Beastly Drawers, all (72) with a SMILE & a SONG in my heart.. Okay, I guess there were a few "naughty" words that went through my mind a time or 2..
THIRD "B's" time to shine.. He got "the go ahead" to CUT a piece of History in 1/2 with his manly saw..

I think "B" ENJOYED this a little 2 much..
FOURTH it was time to attach the 2 half's Side-by-Side.. Thanks "B" you did a Great job screwing & gluing..
FIFTH attaching the Legs (purchased at Lowes)
SIXTH Then came the "Painting Party Extravaganza". We painted over every inch of History.

SEVENTH  Time to "AGE" it in the modern sense of the word. I GLAZED my little heart out...
 EIGHTH  Paint, Stain & added Trim !!
NINTH assembling all the Hardware with those tiny teensy little screws back to those 72 drawers..
                !!!!! I am EXhAUSTED !!!!!
FINALLY! One of my Favorite DIY weekend projects is dOnE-Zo.

LOVE how she turned out!
 One day she will have a spot in the Kitchen as a sideboard, but for now she is holding her own in the MAN CAVE.. Now if the "Men" & "Mini Teens" in my life can keep those pesky remotes, games, movies & paddles in those darn drawers, (72 if you lost count)...

 (Many thanks to Adrianne & Jeremy, you 2 ROCK my World!)