Truck is Loaded
                    Trailer full of Yummies

                              BAGS  PACKED..
We are off to the Island for some PHYSICAL LABOR, minus the Pay Check...

     I thought giving birth 2 Twins was hard..
~Chris trying to teach uS how to walk this tiny little ity-bity rope bungee type thing-ie..~
        Mishaps that seem to follow us..
We PROMISE this year, we will try our darnedest NOT to burn down the Forrest..
most of all, we are looking forward to
                                             F U N
Grandson, Nanna & the green Gator
Hope SaNta rides again, in the 4th of July Parade at West Yellowstone!!
  Then there is Xanthi in the Rodeo chasing a cow 4 cash, and by gollie, she won!!
                                   & HAPPY Independence Day !!
        Let your FREEDOM Fly !!



Praise the Lord to all those Father's that Love & Cherish their Children..
To those Daddies that work so hard to provide a WonderFul life for their babes..
To the Fathers of Daughters...
To my very own Father that taught me by Example what it means to be a Man of Respect, Value, Integrity and to love the Lord.
To MY Father that Loves his Children's MOTHER more than life itself..

I have Never EVER heard my Father speak to my Mother in a way that was disrespectful or hurtful.
I have been  Blessed with Parents after 66 years of marriage that look at each other as I am sure they did on their wedding day.
      I have never seen two people more in LOVE..
I thank God everyday that I was sent to be the daughter of Betty Josephine & Richard Leo.


Is LESS always Best ??

My Choice of home decor has gone from French Country to Contemporary, Hollywood Regency to Shabby Chic. Despite your likes or dislikes, can 2 much of 1 thing be too much? Can there be too much color, decor or fabric?? Can layers of one theme work??
Can Monochromatic be too mundane??
Did you know that Wall Paper is still made in this Country?
Gotta Love
the RED Antlers..
Do you think there would be any long lasting damage to a child's psyche that was raised in a nursery minus Pink or Blue walls??
How about a BLACK wall ??
I am not accredited in the physiological inter-workings of the human brain, but I say, "ditch the pink & blue & make those babies room full of interest & wild imagination". After all, isn't Creativity & Imagination what we want for our little ones?? Maybe,just maybe the nursery is a fine place to start.(I can just imagine Dr. Spock rolling over in his grave) 
Don't be "shocked", but I am co-zing up, to the idea of Antlers (kids rooms) on the wall, in the painted or papermachet variety..
Isn't it GRAND to live in the 21'st century..
So many Choices.. So many Ideas.. So many Visuals..

Time to Yummie things up !!


~You light up my LIFE~
I am Giddy about..
not just any ordinary light,
but light that streams from a Chandelier...
The last few months I have been addicted to searching out Chandeliers to put around my home to give it some Yummie-ness...
Look what I found...
I know it is cute in its own way, but lacked "Pizazz".. I had many critics when I announced I wanted to Paint it..
My sweet husband & little man Zak reluctantly took it in the back yard & sprayed it for me in an unusual color, Turquoise.
As for making everyone happy I kept the Chain & Old Rusty Pipe we made for Candle Sticks in the origional iron patina..
                                    As for the End results
                           most everyone agrees, it ROCKS!!!
Brent has a "bet" with the kids that I will want to change it back to it's original color within the month.. So little faith, I will show them.. hmmm, maybe bubble-gum pink.. ;)