Life LONG Project...
Will it ever End??? I hope NOT...

As many of you know, the last 3 years we have been in the process of building our Retirement Cottage in the woods. It has been a wonderful experience for our Family & all of our Friends that have so freely gave of their time to help us out. You have all been invaluable & we can't wait to give you your life time access. :)

The following Story depicts the last 14 days of our life... We are now working on the inside & the Stair Case is 1st on the list..
Thanks to "B" and his Buds they got the stairs up to the loft. It was now my turn to do the railings.. I have always wanted to do the railings out of that gNarly Curvy Pine. We have a friend that owns a Logging Company so we were able to get some in its raw form. That is where the fun began for me.. I was able to hand peel the log poles with a knife. I loved it!!

    White Yummie-ness under all that Bark..

So fun to inter twin the logs one with another.

                      Then came the Spindles.

   & Waaaa-Laaaaa a Stair Case..
After-wards we all carved our initials in a log. I hope someday my Grandchildren will hear about all the good times we had building our little slice of Heaven in the Forrest..
After a few days of non stop WORK, we took a couple off to spend with Life Long Friends to Celebrate our Independence..
Here is where we enjoyed Out of this World Fireworks at the "Shake the Lake" 4th of July Celebration..
Best Buds that share the same name..
Girls that give a new meaning to BFF's..
These next picture cracked me up.. This is a sign of the 21 Century in spades. Notice every single child is taking pictures or recording the Fire-Work-Show.. Priceless !!!

We decided we worked so hard earlier in the week we would take another day of R&R and this time on the lake..
after "B" the handyMan tunes up Scott's boat..
and then we were off
Jump start from the Dock.
Is that a Forest Range Police Boat in the background? I think it is, & guess what, we weren't picked up for 1 single violations, this time.. :)
Thanks for a Great time...
Back to Building! 
Now we are working on the Master Bedroom & Bath.. Before we can get started another run to the HardWare Store
Minka in the work truck ready to go....
 Lumber/Hardwood Store in the woods, were everyone knows your name..
my Post/Job was at the Table Saw.. & NO this is not a photo set up, I was really sawing wood.. Mouth open and all.. ha ha ha  :)
What was "B" doing with that board above my head ??
Hope the Inspectors passes off our work, I better make sure homemade cookies are there when they arrive..
Back at the Mangy Moose (name of our Cabin)
While Zak was out tending to the the BonFire, he came running in the Cabin where we were working Yelling, "It's a Bear, It's a Bear"! I run to shut all the doors, count to make sure everyone is inside, and grab the camera of course.. This is what we saw...
A Moose with no cares in the world. We have been on high alert with the Bears lately. Apparently the day before we arrive there was a Momma & Baby Black Bear in our driveway.. So as you can imagine every breaking branches, rumbling in the trees we hear, we immediately assume it is a mad Momma Bear..
We were very relieved we missed out on meeting our Harry Neighbors, at least for now..


Moment in Time...

Beautiful Sunday!! Busy Sunday & a Moment caught in time.. Just got home, and off the back of my sweet hearts Motorcycle...
 I had one of those Magical, Spiritual & Earthshaking moments.. You know the ones that knock you off your feet? The ones that make you LOVE everything about your life.

PICTURE this.. We are riding up near the Canyon at dusk. We are seeing Deer in the fields, it is a warm summer night, a slight breeze in our hair.. I wrap my arms around my darling "B" and lean into him with my head on this shoulder.. The view I am looking at is the breathtaking Wasatch Mountains. IT IS THEN, at that MOMENT I feel so Free, filled with Love & Joy for all my many blessings, I could just BURST...

At moments like those, I believe it is our Father above giving us a slight little glimpse, a feeling of pure happiness, a little nudge, a reminder of what we have to look forward too.
                   Tonight I go to bed with a Thankful Spirit..
p.s I love my husband & his Steal Horse