"You light up my life"
Edible Match Sticks will do the trick with this FUN crafty craft..
I saw a picture of this most adorable Valentine. I just had to get my hands paint stained, chocolate drizzled & kiddies on board & we had a blast making & eating these delicious treats..
You will need...
*Match boxes
*Candy Melts (red)
*Sprinkles if desired
*Craft Paper or Paint or both
*Sand Paper 4 Shabby look
Let your childhood imagination run wild..


Decorate the match box however you desire.. I love the painted shabby chic look, so that is what I did.. It is also darling if you wrap the match boxes in fun paper & Mod Podge it up..

I did the standard Pink & Red Valentine colors.. You can use the little white insert inside the box as a template to make a funky match holder out of colorful thick craft paper, or make is easy like I did & just paint the insert that is already in the box.
On a couple of the boxes I left the striker visible which I really love.. All I did was paint the box red or pink & then painted a simple heart on top.. I then ran sand paper over the entire box to give it that worn & used look. Hard to tell in these pictures but that really makes it yummy looking..
Speaking about yummy, now the fun part... Melt the chocolate melts & dip those little pretzels..
 1 small bag of pretzels fill 4 boxes.

  You can also add sprinkles after dipping pretzels in the candy melt. I prefer without the sprinkles, but I did add a couple sprinkled matches to every box just to add interest & a little good luck.

After dipping & cooling it is time to add edible matches to boxes.

                                Next I added ribbon & a
"You light up my life" tag I printed off
onto fun paper & podged it up

                 Final touch I tied 2 "real" matches on top.

I am so in LOVE with this Valentine..
Gather your family & let your creativity take over.
Have a "hot" Valentines Day with your "perfect match".