Cabin FEVER........

I have got the "FEVER" bad this year... 

 I am having the hardest time getting through these last few months of Winter.... I may just be driving my family crazy with my in-home projects...

Don't get me wrong, I love the beautiful white snow, but come on.... It is time for Sunshine, Sandals, Shorts, Skirts & Swimming Suits.. 

For BBQ, Camp Fires, Red Sand Beaches & mosquitoes..

Brent & I have been out on the bike, but it takes away from the "Freedom" experience just a little when you are wearing a full-gear-Helmet, jeans under leather pants, sweater & coat along with thick socks & knee high fur boots..

I am sure I look like some sort of freak-ish creature on the back of my studly man's bike..

I am getting desperate for some UV Rays & Suntan Lotion. I mean SUNSCREEN..
As a matter of fact, I have considered going to the tanning-bed to get me a dose of UV's, with Sun-Screen, of course... 
Until those HOT Blistering Magical Days are upon us I must rely on my memories of warmer times....

We Love Horse-in around!

Look at those Trees
don't they make you want to write a "Love" note?

Quiet Rest...
Peace at Last !!!


 "O" is for  Olympic!!                                      
 "W" is for WOW!!

What makes a Athlete so gutsy & fearless???

Why would one choose & take the risk of getting an Earache by going 90 miles per hour down a mountain of Ice?

Why do these Brave souls hop onto a sled & ride like the wind down a pipe going speeds that most cars can't reach?

And then the Ice Dancers that spin & leap better that I can walk.

I finally figured it out... These amazing Super Humans have a DNA that is completely different that the rest of us.

They were blessed with the NO FEAR Factor. I wonder how it would feel just for a day of complete Freedom.

No worries about a retirement plan, about the bank account or college fund.  No need to play it safe, just to GO for It, hold nothing back & soar..

To all the Olympians of the Past, Present & Future, you are truly an inspiration to this Idaho/Utah girl.
I still will find every opportunity to get-my-freedom on, but it will be on the back of my husbands motorcycle.        

xox Tami


 Sunday School Foo-pa !!!

Picture this... Brent & I in Sunday School. The room is Complete Silent, except for the instructors voice....
Brent is following along in one of his high-tech Gadgets Touch- Screen thing-ie that has all the Scriptures, Lesson manual downloaded onto it..
He hands it to me so I could admire how "cool" it is..  Remember, the class is Still, Silent, no Children in sight.. I take over his little Toy & follow along, until I see something interesting on the lower right.....  It is a cute little baby with big tears... Ohhhh so cute...  So Sad !! So I have to see what that does, I "push" the icon & this cute little baby appears on the screen, then out of no where...... There is this LOUD, I mean Thunderous SCREAMING Baby Cry.... It would not stop!!! As I tried to get it to stop I just turned the volume up louder & louder..
I then threw it into Brents hands for some kind of help. He is able to get it turned off & turn bright red in the same moment..
 I can say, I don't think I have ever seen my hubby turn red....
 Like all those that love me so, say "Can't take her anywhere"...
xox Tami 


Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  !!!

It's February, do you know what that means?????

Cosmetics 1/2 price....  Time to stock up for the year... This time of year is one I look forward too so I can sneak over to Target & take advantage of the Sale on "Boots", not boots you were on your feet, but the BOOTS all natural cosmetic line....  Normally I would not buy it because it is, shall we say, department store prices, but in February you can pick it up between 50 -75% off..
So sneak off with your best girl friend & take advantage of one of lifes little pleasures..   
Ohhhh, how I love being a Girl..


"Never date a Man who doesn't open your DOOR"

The title really has nothing to do with today's post, except for the word DOOR..

The rest of that sage advice came from my darling Mother lips, where those
words were spoken repeatedly. So YES, Brent must have past the test or I would have heard about it..

Okay back to DOORS...
When you think of a door you think of someone coming IN or OUT..

Doors serve many a purpose..
How about keeping pre-teens out when you take 1.5 minutes to breath and count to 10...... Or when you need to "SLAM" the door to make sure that you are understood.......  Maybe even "swing" the door to help fan out the smoke from a dinner gone bad.....

Did you ever think about a door as a piece of Art work?????
How about a old shabby wooden door as wonderful Architecture????
Or the old chipped paint as Charming?? ??
Okay now that you are thinking the impossible, how about a door as a CHALK BOARD ????
Yes, a Chalk Board like the one from the "olden days", you know the ones we all took our turn cleaning.. For same weird reason I have a little spark for chalkboards... Do I need therapy???

So I thought about the old door I had sitting in the garage next to my husband beloved 1973 Land Cruiser , you know that 1 thing that must be polished and babied as if it were a Picasso original...... Ya, I know you wives know exactly what I am talking about..
I also had a can of Chalk- Board paint & a BIG desire to add a little "Sha-ba-mmmm" in Xanthis room..

So I decided to do a little mathematics..
Door + Acrylic Paint + Chalk Board Paint =  A fun a unique item of interest in her room that is more than just "funk-ie", but functional..

Hey, it also looked great on our front porch Welcoming Friends..

The weather is getting nice, open those garages for free ventilation & get creating something original..

p.s. I want to see pictures of the finished product..

xox Tami


As  my   fair   weathered   friend insomnia sets in,  my nights are becoming less about dreaming and more about productivity.

As I scroll through my "TO DO" list the one thing I have been putting off for month actually sounded fun.

 In the dark of the night I pulled my hair back..... put on the long rubber gloves.......   painting attire..... & stained my light oak stair railing to a deep dark mahogany.

My sweet heart is so happy it turned out the way I imagined it.

He was preparing himself for a 911 disaster call where I say in a paniced voice, "do you have anything to remove deep dark stain"?..


~ Bliss ~

Have you ever felt complete & pure BLISS ???

What is it that makes those endorphins swing out-of-control at the most unexpected times, like when you are standing in line to renew your drivers licence, or waiting in line at In&Out Burger??

It is that Moment ..... a Milli-Second in time.....

when you LOVE everything about your Life !!!

You LOVE everyone !!

You feel NO angst about tiny little poodles pooping on your floor,

The worry about your daughter dating a boy (in 5 years) wearing earrings, leather jacket, tattoos & sporting a Harley doesn't faze you.

Your son playing football & knocking out his front teeth or your husband "shock & Awww" snoring seems like a symphony..

How do we get that feeling more than once every 10 years... ???

I had my ~BLISS~ moment TWICE, yes I said Twice in 1 day..

I didn't quite know what to do with myself. I was brushing Xanthi's hair & was filled with so much joy & thankfulness for the life I have.. "I LOVE MY LIFE" , is what I told my daughter that was wondering who stole her Mother & put this person in front of her that kept saying over & over, "I LOVE my Life', I would not trade it for anyone elses"...

Why do those BLISS-ful moments have to be so fleeting??

Why can't they stay???

Maybe just maybe I need to slow down & enjoy the moment !!! I mean really enjoy that moment that will never be again.

I am constantly teaching my children to always, no matter what the situation, FIND THE POSITIVE...

Is it that simple, is it that clear??
Does or can our body, our emotions, react to our minds thoughts???

Hm, I don't know the answer to ~ Finding the FEELING of Bliss ~

I do know one thing.... I am a very blessed, Mother, Wife, Friend, Daughter, American !!

I LOVE all the wonderful People that are traveling with me through this crazy Adventure & wondrous Journey called life..

Enjoy those moments..
Hold onto those milli- seconds....
Maybe, just maybe we can create
~BLISS~ for ourselves...