R your Gourds Painted, Carved,& be-Dazzled 
Here R some Fun Ideas for your little Gobblins to do before Hallos-Eve
Love the Black, White & high Gloss

   It is all about the details.. 
    Now for some LIGHT & a splash of COLOR
Artist: Terry
Have yourself a Haunting Halloween


Do you remember making your very own costumes for Halloween? I sure do & I loved it.. I have finally convinced the twins that making their costumes is much more fun that buying them from a store. 
This year we are hoping our imaginations will carry us far..
 It has become quite scary when my closet is where most of the Halloween Costumes are born..
I have found some great examples of easy, but elegant costumes that you could make with a little tulle, hot glue gun, hair spray, face paint & and load of Self Confidence..
~WITCH with style~
~Bubble Wrap JELLY FISH~
This would also go well at a Lady Ga-Ga concert..
~The Friendly GHOST or Awkward Bride~

~BiRD Nest~   Love it!!
~SpIdEr WeB~
                                      ~GARBAGE Bag WiTcH~
~FeAThErEd RaViN~
~GrAy GhOst~
Most of these Costumes can me found on Martha Stewart with instructions on how to make them yourself .  Add your own Flair & OWN IT..