Question: ah i've gotten addicited to old vintage things lately and i really would like to learn how to redo things myself!! Do you have any ideas on redoing this table and chair? McKenna
Mckenna sent me this fun question & Great picture of a Kitchen Table & Chairs she was GIVEN to put in her home, being as she is a new Bride. Don't you just LOVE being handed such a great piece of Furniture that you can make your own?? 
Could I ever have fun with this set.. Whatever you do, I would KEEP the BLACK as a under-coat.. It would be absolutely Charming to paint (over the black) a Rich CREAM color..
Then...... after is has dried... ""Beat the heck our of it", okay maybe not Beat, but sand those edges to bring back the Black so it looks worn & vintage.
Don't you all love that natural wood top exposed.
  If you want to go BOLD choose another color you LOVE.. Remember it is just paint, you can change it within minutes..
Then there are the CHAIRS, ohhh the Chairs...
 I would totally paint each chair a different color & Shabby it up the same way. I can imagine a light Green, Blue, Yellow & maybe a Red..
I fell in Love with this look years ago when I saw pictures of Michael Jacksons Kitchen Table that was surrounded with different Style of chairs & all different Colors..
 Let your imagination run wild..
Isn't that WING chair at the head of the Table just the "Bomb"?
Now go have some FUN. We all want to see how you add Charm & Yummie-ness to your kitchen.
Mckenna just finished her Table & Chairs.
 She did an Incredible JOB..


That girl has got some Talent.... !!
Thanks for Sharing....


Along the Way..

We found this adorable Rustic Antique Flea Market Paradise along the side of the Road on our way to our Ghost Hunting Adventure..

Treasures as far as the Eye could see..
                     ~Absolutely Charming~
The Owners of this little paradise had the cutest dang house in the back. I would have agreed to house swap my home in SLC for theirs if it wasn't for the chickens they had walking around the kitchen.. It was one of those times where you feel you have gone "back in time".. I LOVED it..
These Creative minds restored 2 Amazing mini homes..
1st was this SHeep Heard-Ers "Digs"..

Equipt with all the necessities when wrangling Sheep.  Shovel, Ax & Hand Saw. ???
Take a look at the Inside...

Everything you need on those lonely nights on the Range..
2nd Treat is the Bunk House,
Be prepared to have your Cowboy Boots knocked off...
Can't you just see me pulling this behind my SUV, with the WIndows rolled down playing some crazy Country Toon while taking the Twins 2 School..
You don't think it can get much better Until you step inside....

Maybe more reasonable would be making it into a little Eatery (booth) at a County Fair.. Hmmm maybe you could serve "Tiger Ears" or "Red Candy Apples" out the side window..
 It was hard for me to leave this quaint, back in time, town.. But we must press on toward the Ghost town of Virginia...

I would love to open a beautiful little Antique store here..
This is how the General Store was left after the Gold rush was over..
Miners, Families & Out Laws picked up & left it all behind..

          Can't help but love the Grass Roof
Back in the Wild Wild West the Out Laws made their own rules & ran these town at will.. The history is Rich, and the Ghost stories are many. As the day came to a end, we went on a Ghost Hunt at night fall with a local historian, Ghost Whisperer if you will...
        Each house had it's own Frightful tale..

The White Hotel(below) is the most Haunted House documented by Ghost Hunters in Montana. We walked through it, sad to report I didn't encounter a Ghost...
Lots of stories of Ghosts that still haunt these premises.. Pretty Freak-ie & bone chilling tales.. Today, you can rent out a room for the night. I think I would be just fine sleeping in my car..

                                         ... The End