Perfect time of year to update those favorite  "snuggle zones" in your home. This particular eye sore has a bad case of the UGLIES...

After re-doing the family room this white tile mess had to be attacked at full throttle.. We found some beautiful cultured ledge stone 

& we were in business in no time..
This has been one of the easiest project we have ever done.. Just mix cement or quickset & stack those lovely 1/2 sliced rocks.
 An easy weekend project that changes everything in a glance..
GIve the cement a day or so to dry, add colored mortar to finish the edges & you have transformed your snuggle zone from this....
2 this 
This is a great family project that even the kiddies can contribute to as long as you keep them feed & watered.. Have a beautiful Thanksgiving with your loved ones & take some time to "Snuggle".oxox